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Who We Are

We are an invigorated group of Solar Professionals having a keen experience of over 30 years among major solar publicly traded companies in California and Los Angeles. Working over the whole trajectory of solar energy, we have been successful nailing the hallmark mega projects.

With the advent of technology, solar energy has become an inevitable need. Every other homeowner is looking for a trustworthy and the best solar company who could take over the charge providing top-notch services. But unfortunately, there has been some gap when it comes to a client’s idea about solar energy installation. To cater to all such concerns, at Solar Planet Electric, we humbly present a friendly environment where you can consult every part of your plan with our high professionals. Our Mission is very simple: Education and Ethics. Our incisively selected team of solar consultants, not only listens to your queries but also guides as to elevate your present level of comfort.

Our Team

Marty Lam

Founder of Solar Planet Electric

Started his solar career at Solar City and realized the need to go Solar. He founded this company to help communicate to homeowners all options to customers. Moreover, ensuring all customers are fully educated on the process so they can make the best decision. His hobbies include jet-skiing, helping the planet, saving polar bears and have traveled all over the world including Copenhagen, Denmark. It was out of his tremendous travel experiences that he fortified a vision where people can not only avail of the service but also explore their potentials.

Rapp Fitzsimmons

SVP of Business Development and Sales

Began his solar career with mega publicly traded solar companies such as Solar City and Sunrun, and have consulted with thousands of homeowner providing guidance, education, integrity to the homeowners community. He enjoys spending time with his family, has traveled all over the world including the Netherlands. He loves playing the ukelele, sings Hawaiian songs and can even brush up a nice BBQ with your family.

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