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Solar Power Company in California

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We are an invigorated group of Solar Professionals having a keen experience of over 30 years among major solar publicly traded companies in California and Los Angeles. Working over the whole trajectory of solar energy, we have been successful nailing the hallmark mega projects.

30 years of combined

7500 installs working side by side with strategic partnership

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Solar Planet Electric

From Panasonic solar panels to the radiant solar service, our experts have an experience in both the local as well as international market. The US has a gift of warm summers, so let the sun be preserved with Solar Planet Electric. Filling out all the communication gaps with the homeowners, SPE is leading from the very front of the solar energy market. Combined with over 30 years of experience, we use the highest standard manufacturers including equipment, racking, roofing, backed by full warranties.

Why Us

With world class strategic alliances, over 7500 homes installed!
At Solar Planet Electric, you will find the most persuasive and helpful staff leading the company to edge of excellence.

Solar panels in your California home can offer a range of benefits. Residents in this state can take advantage of the climate, and enjoy saving money on the monthly electricity bills. This is one of the main benefits of solar energy because it often pays for itself over an extended period of time. This solution is increasing in popularity, and our company has been active in this industry since the beginning of the energy industry’s overall trajectory towards renewable energy.

Our company offers exceptional solutions that can be tailored to meet the needs of the client’s particular situation. We offer a range of hallmark projects that can be viewed as a portfolio of accomplishments. This enables prospective clients to be confident that you find the right solution for your needs. Our consulting services are part of our company philosophy because informed consumers tend to make better decisions. Educating the customer is essential for enabling a collaborative engagement. We can walk you through the process of product selection to ensure that these solar panels are the right fit for your lifestyle and budget. 


California Solar Panel

Homeowners in California enjoy incredibly good conditions for solar panels. Consider the advantages of installing solar panels in your home. This includes bright and plentiful amounts of sunshine all year long. This makes solar an attractive option for Californian homeowners interested in the solar energy option. This state has been ranked as the best place for solar power, so this option has even more benefits for California residents. In addition to saving on the electric bill, it also sends a message that your household is committed to lowering your carbon footprint.

How to Get Solar Panels Installed

Our company provides exceptional consultation, installation and maintenance services for solar panels. We have experience outfitting homes, businesses and even farms that are scaled to meet the utility needs of the area. The installation process is performed with the utmost integrity during ever stage of the process. This includes being in communication with our experts about your expectations regarding the installation project. There are many details that can be confusing for people who are unfamiliar with our solar panel installation. We are committed to educating clients at the same time that we provide exceptional consulting, installation and follow-up services.

Solar Panels in California

Our company is equipped to handle any solar panel installations for new customers in California. We excel at providing solar panel installation services for residential properties, commercial facilities and other structures. We even do utility scale solar farms. The team at our company has more than three decades of experience, and we have over 7,500 successful installations that have been done with our strategic partners. We have the training, certification and experience needed to ensure that your solar panels start working for your home energy needs right away. This commitment to quality service is integral, and we hire only the most dedicated professionals to carry out this work ethic.

Solar Panels in Your California Home

Select the right solar panels for your home in California by speaking with our friendly service professionals about your options. The customer education process is probably the most important asset our company brings to the table. We can help each client fully understand the options for solar panels on your California home. This is part of our consolation process, and it allows each person to make the best decision possible. This will serve your long-term interests, and it shows our company’s commitment to ensuring that each customer is treated like a member of our own family.

Here are some additional benefits and options you can expect when having your solar panels installed by our California company:

  • Panasonic solar panels and others.
  • Radiant solar services
  • Industry standards for manufacturing
  • Local and international market experience


Additional Features & Benefits

Solar panel features are designed to improve your quality of life while reducing carbon emissions. Learning about these features can help you to make the decision to get solar panels for your home in California from our company. Solar panels reduce the carbon emissions produced by each household. This is a great way to contribute to the transition to a clean energy economy. Some homeowners might qualify for net metering programs, or NEM.

There are many other benefits that come with solar panels, but some of these are only apparent after they get installed onto your home. For example, California homeowners with solar panels qualify for the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, or ITC. Our company is dedicated to educating clients on all aspects of these solar panel systems for your home in California.

The overall effect of the solar panels is to reduce your electricity supply to the point that your home emits net zero emissions. In some cases, you might become an energy producer. Our experts can answer any additional questions you might have about the long-term financial benefits of solar energy for your home. We are a group of professionals that have the experience and insights necessary to handle any type of job.


Our California Solar Panel Company

Our company offers the highest quality of service to each customer interested in getting solar panels in California. The professionals on our team have experience installing and maintaining solar panels on residential properties as well as commercial buildings. This is a great time to explore the option of solar for your home or business because the cost of solar panels has been decreasing.

Californians can expect that this state will attain 100 percent electricity from clean sources of energy by the year 2045, and many Californians are choosing to start now to get ahead of the curve. We are personally committed to ensuring that customers get the education needed to make informed decisions about the solar panel installation for their California home. We encourage prospective clients to contact us right now, and set up a consultation about your solar energy needs.

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